Service Calls

  1. Service call $79 for first hour, $39 for subsequent 1/2 hours (from 8 AM to 6 PM). if the service starts before 6 Pm, the rating remains the same
  2. Service call for $149 for first hour, and $49 for subequent 1/2 hours (from 6 PM to 12 PM) if the service goes after 12 pm the rates d0 not change
  3. Service call for $199 for first hour, and $49 for subsequent 1/2 hour(from 12PM to 8 AM)

Potlight installations

Starting from $79, depending on the amount and locations. painting and patching maybe required, which will be added to the total price

a)Service Upgrade and b)Panel Upgrade

----100A Service Upgrade from $1399 for 100 A, the price changes whether the house is bangalow or two story building, as well as the location of the panel from meter base. it requires coordination with ESA , Hydro, as well as your neighbor if you have a shared driveway
----200A service upgrade from $1799

----100A Panel Upgrade starts from $799, which includes both houses and condominiums, as well as  high rises

New house wiring

$3 per square feet, for one kitchen in the house, to pass the ESA requirement. potlight, fixtures, smoke detectors are extra and will add to the price

Knob and Tube Wiring

$4.9 per square feet, for one kitchen/laundry in the house

Aluminium wiring

Replacement: $4.80 per square foot, for one kitchen/laundry in the house. fixture and chandalier installtion(depending on the weight of chandalier and height)are extras

Generator Installation

we provide all the service for both Gas(if it used Natural Gas as a fuel) and electrical wiring . price starts from $499

Fixture installation

from $39 depending on the height and number of fixtures at a time to be installed.

Chandalier installation

from $79 to few hundreds, depending on the height and weight