Rewiring/New Wiring/Aluminium Wiring/Knob and Tube Wiring

Wiring and ReWiring

Aluminium wiring, in the years it was first installed was prone to a variety of problems, mainly around the connectors.  Even in older houses aluminium wiring does not have to be replaced in many cases, just making sure that you have connectors specifically designed for aluminium will take care of a variety of safety issues.

In the earliest ages of electricity, 1930’s and older homes made use of knob-and-tube wiring.  This is extremely dangerous and should be replaced at once.  If you have a very old home and don’t know if it has been rewired get it checked at once.  HouseDepot can confirm the presence of this problem and rewire the house as needed.

All new wiring must be inspected by the ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) and be completely up to code.  Just completing a wiring project that is like existing wiring may cause you to not pass inspection.  Get your wiring overseen by a Master Electrician so that it is done right the first time.  HouseDepot guarantees that all of our work will pass ESA inspection.  

Wherever your power is not appropriate for the load you need to upgrade your circuits.  From adding additional receptacles to eliminate the common octopus problem to increasing the available amperage so that appliances which demand more electricity can get it without the risk of tripping a breaker wiring upgrades provide the best solution to a variety of problems.

Many things nowadays need the full power of a 240 Volt circuit.  Your dryer, your electric stove and your electric vehicle charging station and woodworking machines in your garage may all require the extra power of a 240 Volt circuit.  A 240 volt line carries much more power than a regular 120 volt line and to be safe it is even more critical that it be installed by one of HouseDepot’s licensed, experienced and accredited Master Electricians.

Used to be your telephone line was the only low voltage wire running through your wall.  Then came cable and thermostats and ethernet cables and more that it is much neater and more efficient to put through the walls rather than outside them.  These may be doable as a DIY project but if something happens and they contact a line with real power you could fry everything attached to it.

Specialty Wiring

Spa and Pool Wiring requires an experienced electrician like you will find at HouseDepot.  As you are having electricity around a great deal of water which happens to contain you, you don’t want anything to go wrong and have your equipment short out or worse have the electricity discharge through you while you are in the water or around it when you are wet.  Improper wiring could lead to a fatal disaster.  HouseDepot has done many of these wiring installations and have never had a problem with the safety of the wiring.  Get it done right! Get it done by HouseDepot.

Hydroponics wiring is a bit of a challenge.  You need to run pumps and timers and banks of lights to get your green thumb going.  HouseDepot not only does wiring but also has a great deal of experience installing water related appliances such as boilers, hot water tanks and tankless water heaters so setting up hydroponics units is not as foreign to us as it is to most electricians.

Most of these projects require an ESA permit and an inspection.  The special jobs are all required to work safely around a great deal of water.  For all of them you require the services of a Master Electrician.  HouseDepot’s technicians are all trained, experienced and licensed and can take on any of these jobs.  Whether you are replacing aluminium or knob and tube wiring, getting set to add major appliances, wiring a new house or an addition or renovation, upgrading your wiring or adding a spa or pool you need a Master Electrician to see that it is done right the first time.