Bathroom and Kitchen Lighting

Your home’s resale value can be easily increased by special attention to your kitchen and bathroom lighting. The best parts of your kitchen and bathroom can be highlighted by your slighting setup and their functionality can be increased. Call HouseDepot to set up your custom lighting. Our master electricians can provide help and ideas to beautify these two most functional rooms in your home.

The lighting in your kitchen and bathroom can create a sense of warmth and welcome.  

Lighting up your bathroom

You can give your kitchen and bathroom extra style and functionality with just the right lighting. You can make larger rooms more intimate and make smaller spaces seem larger with lighting effects. Create moods with dimmers. Light up and accent small spaces. Show off a room’s architecture all with the way you choose your lighting.

Ceiling Fixtures

Ceiling fixtures draw the eye upward and make a room appear larger. Your ceiling fixture can be the focal point of your room’s style and design. This can give sophistication to a room as well as providing extra light.  

Cabinet Lighting 

Lighting underneath your cabinets makes both the colour of your counter-top and cabinets and the items placed there easier to view. They can also be left on at night to brighten the walkway instead of a nightlight.

Shower and Bathtub Lighting 

This can be put in to allow you to save energy or keep from disturbing others when you turn on all the brighter lights. A dimmer can be installed to create the perfect relaxing mood when you are preparing for bed or relaxing in a hot bath. With an individual light you can choose to brighten a single area and leave the rest of the room’s lighting off for a relaxing subdued lighting effect.

Mirror and Vanity Lighting 

You are in front of your mirror to see yourself, good lighting above your mirrors can give you the best illumination to do this. It also reduces shadows, making the room appear larger.

Recessed or Pot Lighting 

Also called canned lighting, this is a good option for allowing you to put in overhead lighting when you have a low ceiling. You can place them just right to get your lighting showing up exactly where you want it.

Accent Lighting 

Accent lighting is a way to focus attention on the things you most want to show off about a room. This can be part of the architecture or a treasured picture or work of arth you want to get noticed.

Toilet Lighting 

You can put a floodlight or focused halogen light over the toilet, especially if it is behind a wall or door and does not already have the best lighting. A dimmer can also be installed letting you use it as a nightlight. You can also keep the light dim on a midnight run to make sure overly bright light does not interrupt your sleep cycle.

Indirect Lighting 

Hidden lights can be used to artistically illuminate certain areas of your room in a soft and soothing manner. Indirect lighting is perfect for small nooks that might otherwise be shadowed.

Make your Kitchen Perfect

The kitchen, for many of us, is the heart of the home. We entertain family and friends with meals and events which center on gathering in the kitchen. We probably spend many hours working in the kitchen preparing food and entertaining friends. Your home’s value can be directly affected by how your kitchen shows up and how it makes people feel. To get the most out of it, you need the right vision.

Cabinet Lighting 

Lighting above your cabinets can accentuate the items you have displayed above your cabinets and also make the room seem larger. Lights below your cabinets can make food preparation easier. Putting in both can emphatically change the look of your kitchen.

Pot Lighting 

Much more subtle and decorative than overhead florescent, pot lights or canned lights give you light without glare.

Sink Lighting 

With a light over the sink you can brighten up a small area of the kitchen without having to turn on all the lights and possibly disturb people in rooms connected to the kitchen. You can have direct light only where you want it.

Island Lighting 

The kitchen island is the focus of your kitchen so make it the focus of your lighting too, you can even make the lighting discreet or decorative. It adds to the mood when you are cooking, talking or even just reading.

Pendent Lighting 

Pendant lighting is another understated and soothing effect. The intimacy of your kitchen can be highlighted by the addition of attractive pendant lighting.

Kitchen Nook Lighting 

The lighting for your dining table can set the ambiance for the whole meal. An attractive and functional lighting fixture should be central to your decor. With a dimmer you can set the mood from family dinner to an intimate supper.

Wall Sconces and Ceiling Fixtures 

Change the look of your kitchen with decorative lighting. Adding wall sconces or ceiling fixtures give an atmosphere of taste and style that make your kitchen truly yours.

HouseDepot can help you to put in the right lighting and effects to turn your kitchen or bathroom from OK to incredible.