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Expert Boiler Installation and Boiler Repair Services

Looking for reliable and efficient boiler installation and repair services in Toronto and the surrounding area? Our team of experts is here to help.
Boiler Services

Residential Boiler Supply Installation and Replacement Services

If you’re in need of a new boiler installation or boiler replacement, our team of professionals is here to help. We supply and installat high-quality boilers and combi boilers from top brands. 

We understand choosing the right boiler for your home can be difficult. We’re here to provide expert advice and guidance and help you choose the right boiler system for your home.

Our team will assess your property. We will recommend the best boiler for your specific needs. We will consider the fuel source, type of boiler, size of your home, hot water demand, and your budget.

Once you’ve chosen your new boiler, our team will handle the installation process from start to finish, ensuring that your new system is functioning properly and efficiently. We take pride in our attention to detail. We will ensure all components are installed correctly. Furthermore, we will ensure your new boiler is set up for optimal performance.

If you’re in need of a new boiler installation or replacement, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our team of experts is here to provide you with the highest quality service and support.


Brands We Carry

We supply and install high-efficient condensing boilers from market leaders:


Boiler Maintenance and Repair Services

We offer a complete range of boiler repair and maintenance services, including yearly maintenance checks and inspections, system repairs, and replacement parts.

Whether you need maintenance for your gas burning boiler or electric boiler, our experienced technicians are capable of handling all types of boilers and combi boiler, and we’ll use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your boiler is running at its peak performance.

We also provide emergency services to ensure that any unexpected issues are taken care of as quickly as possible. With our full range of boiler services, you can rest assured that your home will be safe and comfortable all year round.

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Why Work With Us?

Whether you’re need a new centrally ducted or ductless mini split air conditioner, or air conditioner replacement services in Toronto, we have all the knowledge and expertise to help you get the best out of your investment.

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House Depot is providing HVAC and electrical services to the following areas:

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Frequently Asked Questions

A boiler is a type of heating device that heats water, which is sent through a piping system in a building to heat your home. The heat is transferred from the water to the area through a type of emitter. The cooler water then returns to the boiler for reheating. Boilers can utilize various fuel types for the heating process, such as natural gas, liquid propane, fuel oil, or electricity.

A boiler is a mechanical device which usually contains a heat exchanger, burner, pump, and a regulating system. When the temperature in a building decreases, the control system will activate the boiler to heat the space.

The pump(s) will activate to start the flow of water in the boiler and building, and the burner will be triggered to heat the water.

The boiler will be regulated to keep the temperature of the outgoing water at the necessary level. As the hot water flows through the building, the rooms will warm up until the boiler control shuts off the boiler.

A “combi” boiler system is an innovative combination of a high-efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler, all contained within one compact unit.

This combination of components can eliminate the need for a separate hot water tank, which can result in cost savings for the home owner and also potential space savings within the property. This type of system is becoming increasingly popular due to its efficiency, compact nature, and cost savings. It is also relatively easy to install and maintain, making it a great option for many types of homes.

A condensing boiler is created with the purpose of providing a more efficient form of heating than a non-condensing boiler. This is achieved through the use of a secondary heat exchanger that captures more energy from the exhaust and transfers it to the water, which then supplies the structure with heat.

When a gas burner is used, water vapor is produced and, when a sufficient amount of heat is taken away from the exhaust, the water vapor will form inside the heat exchanger. This provides a number of benefits, such as higher energy efficiency rating, lower heat loss in the mechanical room, and lower exhaust temperatures, allowing for cost savings.

Most boiler manufacturers recommend an annual service of the boiler for several reasons, such as safety and reliability. This service includes checking for any potential issues with the boiler, such as corrosion, cracks, leaks, and other mechanical failures.

Additionally, the boiler’s components, such as the pressure relief valve and temperature gauge, should be inspected and adjusted as necessary. This service also ensures that the boiler is running efficiently, reducing energy costs and helping to extend its lifespan.

A qualified professional should perform an annual service on the boiler. This will ensure it is in good working order and is safe to use.

The operational lifespan of a boiler depends on several factors, including sufficient upkeep, the quality of water running through it, and optimal engineering of the system in relation to the boiler.

Most boilers used in residential homes come with a guarantee lasting between 10 and 15 years. With proper maintenance and installation, the boiler could last even longer, sometimes up to two decades.

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