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Boiler Repair and Maintenance Services

Trusted boiler and combi boiler repair and maintenance services in Toronto and GTA since 2000.

Boiler Repair and Maintenance Services

Trusted boiler and combi boiler repair and maintenance services in Toronto and GTA since 2000.
Boiler Repair & Maintenance

Trusted Boiler Repair and Maintenance Service in Toronto.

At House Depot, our boiler technicians can help with part replacement and other repairs and boiler services, to get your home’s heating/hot water system back up and running efficiently. It’s best to address any problems quickly to reduce possible damage.

We repair and maintain all major makes and models of boilers and combi boilers and water heaters. Rely on us for speedy assistance from an experienced boiler specialist who can identify the root of your heating system issue and offer the necessary repairs and boiler maintenance to get your home back to cozy.

For over 26 years, House Depot has served residents in Toronto and the nearby areas. We’ve worked hard to earn a reputation for quality, and we’re working hard every day to keep it. From the minute you contact us, we give exceptional customer service. To learn more about our boiler repair and maintenance services, please get in touch with us.

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House Depot is providing HVAC and electrical services to the following areas:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Service Area?

We service North York, Vaughan, City of Toronto, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Brampton, Newmarket, Etobicoke.

What makes and models do you service?

We provide boiler repair and maintenace services for all major makes and models of boilers and combi boiler. We supply and install Navien, Rinnai, Noritz and NTI Boiler.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured. When you need it, we can provide a copy of our insurance.

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Benefits of Annual Boiler Preventive Maintenance

When purchasing a high efficiency boiler, you want to ensure that you are making a smart investment that will give you long-term value. To ensure that your boiler lasts as long as possible, it is important to obtain annual boiler maintenance.

The experts at HOUSE DEPOT can diagnose any potential issues and help you to get the most out of your boiler. Here are some of the benefits of annual preventive maintenance:

Save on Boiler Repair

Regular boiler maintenance is essential in order to keep repair costs down and ensure that any problems are identified and dealt with early on, before they can become too costly or cause more significant damage. Regular maintenance can involve checking the pressure, cleaning the system, checking the safety valve, and testing the thermostat accuracy.

By performing regular maintenance, you can help to ensure your boiler runs efficiently and safely, helping to avoid costly repairs or possible replacement down the line.

Avoid Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Gas boilers provide heat but release carbon monoxide as a consequence of combustion. That is why gas boiler systems have exhaust pipes that securely vent the poisonous and odorless gas outside.

Old boilers, on the other hand, can leak carbon monoxide into your house, generally through a defective exhaust pipe or heat exchanger. Safety checks performed during yearly preventative maintenance can help to avoid deadly carbon monoxide leaks and other boiler operational hazards.

Increase Efficiency

Boilers have one of the highest energy usage in our homes in Canada. Making your boiler more energy efficient might help you save a lot of money by reducing your excessive consumption. A well-maintained boiler may reduce your energy expenses by 10%.

Ensures Warranty Coverage

Boiler warranties, like many others, have certain warranty terms that owners must meet. One frequent one for boilers is to get them serviced on a regular basis by an expert. Maintaining the validity of your warranty might save you money if you need to pay for unexpected boiler repairs.

Meet Local Safety Regulations

Neglected gas boilers are unsafe, and we frequently notice Red Tags on some of them. Removing a Red Tag requires that boiler owners such as yourself hire a licensed professional to repair your boiler and report the corrective actions to authorities. Annual preventative maintenance ensures that your boiler is in good operating order and that it complies with local safety rules.

Signs Your Boiler Needs Repair

Don’t delay getting your boiler repaired until you have a major issue with your central heating. While regular maintenance can help things run smoothly, recognizing some of the frequent symptoms that your boiler requires repair may be quite beneficial:

No Heat or No Hot Water

Well no heat or no hot water are obvious signals that repair is required, they are frequent and should be addressed as soon as possible. Whether the thermostat, faulty pump or any component of the boiler is broken, we’ll immediately replace and repair it and get your system running promptly.

Strange Sounds

There are a number of reasons for your boiler making kettling, gurgling or whistling sounds. The reasons can be development of limescale inside the boiler, air trapped inside the system as a result of leak, partial blockage in pipes or overheating and increase of pressure in the system.

If you hear loud noises, call our boiler experts as soon as possible to repair the limescale build-up, trapped air, or obstruction that is causing the problem.

Odd Smells

If you notice any strange odors coming from your boiler or boiler room, please call us right away. The smell of natural gas or propane emanating from your gas-powered boiler is an immediate warning indication of danger. In this situation, switch off your gas and water supplies and contact our experts for assistance.

Water Leaks

While there are a number of causes of boiler leaks, most are more serious and relate to corrosion, poor boiler installation, broken seals or even damaged valve and pump assemblies. A trained expert must evaluate and fix leaks in order to restore heat and avoid further water damage.

When you need quality service call HOUSE DEPOT for expert, dependable, and efficient boiler repair service. We are true specialists in the services we provide, relying on knowledge and decades of expertise. When you require boiler repair and maintenance, contact HOUSE DEPOT to schedule a visit.

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