Ceiling Fans and Chandeliers

Ceiling Fans and Chandeliers are somewhat tricky to install and service.  The wiring is not difficult but to physically manage them can be quite awkward and time consuming if the ceiling is high or the fan or chandelier is awkward and heavy.

Ceiling Fan Installation


Ceiling fans can be a pleasing part of a room’s decor as well as contributing to your comfort.  HouseDepot can install or replace ceiling fans or add features like lights to your existing fan.  The electrical part of the installation is very straightforward but a big ceiling fan put up on a high ceiling can be a tricky job physically to manage correctly.  Call HouseDepot, let us do all the heavy lifting.

What a Ceiling Fan Can do for you

  • Ceiling fans increase comfort with less energy use than your AC: In hot weather, ceiling fans give you a cool breeze, making the room feel cooler.  With this you can get the same cool feeling at a higher temperature meaning you don’t have to turn down the thermostat so much and just a few degrees difference in your AC saves more energy than your ceiling fan uses. They also keep your air moving so your conditioned air doesn’t become damp or stale.
  • They work in winter too: If you set your ceiling fan in reverse the warm heated air which rises to the ceiling is circulated back down making your room warmer.  This increases the efficiency of your heating system and you can turn the thermostat down a few degrees ands tay just as warm. 
  • Add Lighting:  Many ceiling fans come equipped with a light but if you don’t have one we can get a lighting kit to add this feature to your new or existing fan setup.  
  • Outdoor fans as well: There are fans made for outdoor use also.  In the summer heat these can be the answer to keeping you comfortable where other cooling solutions can’t be used.
  • Style:  In any part of the house you can find just the right style of fan to compliment your bedroom, kitchen, living room or even smaller rooms like the washroom.  Ceiling fans come in a huge variety of styles, number of blades, material or lighting styles. Ceiling fans draw the eye upward making the room appear larger and bringing your focus onto ceiling detail.  

Why Call on HouseDepot?

  • Licensed Master Electricians: Our electrical professionals are properly licensed and accredited and all work is overseen by a Master Electrician. Your installation will be up to code for safest, most dependable operation.
  • Reliable: All of our technicians are experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and prompt.  Each electrician is bonded and insured to work in your home.
  • We know the code: all electrical work is done in the safest possible manner, making sure you are up to the latest revisions of the electrical code.
  • Pride in our work:  We take pride in providing the best service at an affordable price.  
  • Guaranteed result: We guarantee our work, if something goes wrong there is a minimum two month labour warranty where we will come and fix any issue with the work we have done.

For superior ceiling fan and chandelier installation, call HouseDepot.  We can set up an appointment today! We’re ready to help with professional residential electrical service.