Childproof Outlets


Approximately 30 children are treated in emergency rooms in Ontario due to electrical burns and shocks each year as a result of tampering with electrical outlets with 80% of those classified as the most severe type of injury, often requiring resuscitation.  Tamper resistant receptacles (TRR) or childproof outlets, provide a simple, inexpensive solution to preventing these accidents.

What are child proof outlets?

Childproof outlets appear almost the same as regular outlets with the exception that the holes in the ungrounded part of the connection are blocked by a cover plate.  The electrical contacts plates prevent the insertion of objects when unequal pressure is applied to the receptacle.

Operating a Child Proof Outlet

The cover plates will move out of the way if equal pressure is applied to both sides of the plug when putting it into the receptacle.  As this is the normal way to plug in an electrical device, no special knowledge, strength or coordination is required.  

Where can children find things to put in electrical outlets?

One-third of electrical accidents occur when a child inserts common items into receptacles, most often this is occurring when adults are present.  Items that children insert into outlets can be found anywhere.  The following list shows the most commonly reported items:

  • Hairpins
  • Keys
  • Plugs
  • Belt buckles
  • Tools
  • Nail files
  • Knives
  • Paper clips and staples
  • Jewelry

Switch to Child Proof Outlets

Childproof or tamper resistant receptacles are now thew code for new homes.  It costs little more than traditional receptacles to put them in place.   Without tamper resistant receptacles, your child is at risk not only of shocks but electrical burns as well.

Electrical Burns

95 percent of injuries from electrical outlets will include burns. Young children have very thin skin which cannot resist burns or electrical current making what would be a minor burn in an adult a serious burn in a child.

Serious or Fatal Injuries

While fatalities with children do not happen every year, they do happen.  Reduce this risk, call HouseDepot to install child proof outlets in your home today.

Do not use the childproof outlets that require you to screw plugs in place, as they present a fire hazard. Once outlets are installed they will be tamper proof, plastic plug inserts will not be required.  As they present a choking hazard to small children you are better off with them removed.

To ensure safety through the proper installation of child proof receptacles in your home, contact a licensed, qualified professional by calling HouseDepot.