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We have been in business for over two decades.  We have had reviews by various clients and have received very good feedback during that time.  We can’t claim to have been perfect and there is a very infrequent number of times when things did not work out as well as we had hoped.  More frequent than that though less than a handful of times we have been the victims of fake reviews.  That is only to be expected when competitors can’t match your performance.  We press on and are glad that we don’t have to sink to their level.

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HomeStars Testimonials

HouseDepot has been a member of HomeStars for over a decade.  You can see our reviews by going to

Google Testimonials

Our business has been reviewable on Google for several years.  Google does not, unfortunately, provide the means to investigate fake reviews that HomeStars offers which has encouraged two or three of our less reputable competitors to post fictitious reviews.  However, even here, such things are by far the exception, rather than the rule as we take pride in taking good care of our clients.  You can see our reviews by clicking here and clicking on reviews.