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Duct Smoke Detector Installatio Service in Toronto and GTA

Safeguard your house with our professional in-duct smoke detector installation and replacement services.

Duct Smoke Detector

Professional In-Duct Smoke Detector Installation Service in Toronto and GTA

House Depot is fully licensed and insured HVAC and electrical  contractor providing professional and reliable electrical installation and repair services in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. One of the services we provide is installation of in-duct smoke detectors.

If you need to install a new in duct smoke detector, replace an existing smoke detector, or need help, contact us anytime and we’ll be happy to help.

We Install and replace all makes and models of in-duct smoke detectors including System Sensor and Edward Signaling and other trusted brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your service area?

We service North York, Vaughan, City of Toronto, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Brampton, Newmarket, Etobicoke.

What makes and models you service?

We install all makes and models of duct smoke detectors.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured. When you need it, we can provide a copy of our insurance.
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What is a duct smoke detector and how does it work?

In an event of a fire emergency, duct systems of the building with recirculating air handling systems, can become a dangerous route to spread smoke, harmful gasses, and fire throughout the whole building, posing a major threat to life of occupants and the property.

Duct smoke detectors are designed to be installed inside the building heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) ductwork to monitor the air recirculating inside the building duct system and provide early detection and warning, and shutdown the HVAC system to prevent recirculation of smoke and toxic gasses.

In-Duct Smoke Detector
InnovairFlex D4120A 4-wire photoelectric duct smoke detector
Duct Sampling Tube
Duct Sampling Tube

Duct smoke detectors sampling the air moving in the duct system for smoke or fumes presence. They are equipped with a sampling metal tubes located inside the duct that constantly takes moving air from inside the duct and push it into a photoelectric sensing chamber and circulates the air back to the duct using a separate exhaust tube, resulting in constant sampling of air. During this constant sampling process, if smoke is detected, the device will trigger alarms using an auxiliary replay and shutdown the HVAC system to prevent recirculation of smoke and toxic gasses.

Duct detectors are designed to only work within the HVAC systems. They are not a replacement for fire detection or early warning equipment in open parts of buildings.

When are you required to install a duct smoke detector and where they must be placed?

The Ontario Building Code | Smoke Detectors in Recirculating Air Handling Systems Except for a recirculating air system serving not more than one dwelling unit, where a fire alarm system is required to be installed, every recirculating air handling system shall be designed to prevent the circulation of smoke upon a signal from a duct-type smoke detector were such system supplies more than one suite on the same floor or serves more than 1 storey.

The Ontario Building Code | Return-Air System In a house containing two dwelling units, return-air from one dwelling unit may be recirculated to the other dwelling unit, provided a duct-type smoke detector is installed in the supply or return air duct system serving the entire house which would turn off the fuel supply and electrical power to the heating system upon activation of such detector.

When you are required to install duct smoke detectors and where to place them, it is determined by the governing codes in your area.

The best answer is to always consult the local authorities to know whether you need to install duct type smoke detectors in the HVAC system of your building and where they need to be placed.

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