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Ultimate Ductless Air Conditioners Sales, Installation and Repair Services.
For more than 20 years, House Depot has been proudly providing ductless air condtioner and heat pump services to the homeowners in Toronto and GTA.
Reliable Ductless Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Installation and Repair Services
We have been providing fast and reliable ductless ductless conditioner and heat pump services in Toronto since 2000.
Ductless Systems

Supperior Ductless Air Conditioner Product Supply, Reliable Installationin and Repair Service in Toronto and GTA.

House Depot is a fully licensed and insured HVAC company, and has been providing reliable ductless air conditioner and heat pump installation and repair service In in Toronto and GTA for more than two decades.

We understand that choosing the right ductless air conditioner can be complicated for homeowners. We are Mitsubishi Electric certified experts and we are ready to answer all your questions and provide advice regarding the efficiency, capacity and all the other questions you may have to help you choose the right unit for your home.

When we supply and install your new ductless air conditioner or heat pump, you can have peace of mind that your new ductless system is installed and registered properly and you can enjoy the benefits of an extended warranty.

Ductless Mini-Split Products with Installation

Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pumps
(Heating & Cooling)

Zuba is a family of cold climate heat pumps of Mitsubishi Electric, featuring Hyper-Heat technolody. They designed and developed as a home heating and cooling system specifically for Canada. 

Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioners

(Cooling Only)

These are Mitsubishi air conditioners products cooling only . If you need to cool one or more rooms, these units are coming with smaller price tags to provide air conditioning to single or multiple zones.

Warranty and Features

Most of Mitsubishi Ductless ductless systems are Energy Star certified and come with 10 years and some cold climate heat pump products are backed by 12 years compressor and parts extended Mitsibushi Electric warranty.

Service Areas

House Depot is providing HVAC and electrical services to the following areas:

  • Aurora
  • Ajax
  • Brampton
  • Caledon
  • East Gwillimbury
  • Georgina
  • Halton Hills
  • King
  • Markham
  • Milton
  • Mississauga
  • Newmarket
  • Oakville
  • Oshawa
  • Pickering
  • Richmond Hill
  • Toronto
  • Uxbridge
  • Vaughan
  • Whitchurch-Stouffville
  • Whitby

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Service Area?

We service North York, Vaughan, City of Toronto, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Brampton, Newmarket, Etobicoke.

What makes and models do you service?

While we only supply Mitsubishi Electric Ductless mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps, we install and repair all other major makes and models of ductless mini-split air conditioning systems.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured. When you need it, we can provide a copy of our insurance.

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What is a Ductless Mini-Split HVAC System?

Simply defined, ductless HVAC systems or mini split is a heating and/or cooling system, designed to warm or cool a single room (single-zone) or multiple rooms (multi-zone), without using ductwork.

There are two types of ductless systems, ductless air conditioners that provide cooling only, and ductless heat pumps that provide both heating and cooling.

Ductless Air Conditioners are compact, efficient, quiet and reliable and they are great choices for home additions, areas of the building that need additional heating or cooling.

How Ductless Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps Work?

Ductless air conditioners and ductless heat pumps, consist of two main parts. An outdoor unit (condenser/compressor) and one or multiple indoor units (air handlers or heads) to cool and/or heat your space.

The air handler or head of ductless air conditioners or ductless heat pumps can come in different types such as wall mounted, floor standing, ceiling cassette and more.

Ductless systems heating or cooling your space by transferring heat from one space to another using refrigerant. Ductless Air Conditioners cool your home by absorbing heat from inside your space and releasing it outside using a refrigeration cycle sometimes called heat pump cycle.

Ductless heat pumps cool your home like ductless air conditioners but they can reverse the process and heat your space by absorbing heat from the outdoors and releasing it in your space.

What to Consider When Choosing a New Ductless Air Conditioner?

Like other HVAC units, the crucial factor in choosing a new ductless air conditioner or ductless heat pump is the capacity or size. For a ductless system to work efficiently it must be sized properly. Improper size of ductless systems result in insufficient heating or cooling, increase of energy bills and shorten the lifespan of the system.
Number of Rooms (Zones)
Another factor to consider is the number of rooms you are planning to cool or heat which is in direct relation to the sizing of the system. You need one head (indoor unit) for each room you plan to heat or cool.
Efficiency of the system (SEER and HSPF)
SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is the main measurement of cooling efficiency. It is calculated by dividing the total heat removed from the air by the amount of energy consumed during the process. The highest the SEER number, the more efficient the air conditioner. HSPF or Heating Seasonal Performance Factor, is the measure of a heat pump’s overall efficiency during heating season and calculated by dividing the total heating produced by the system by the energy consumed during the period. The higher the HSPF the more efficient the heat pump. When you choose a new ductless air conditioner or ductless heat pump, it is important to check the SEER or HSPF. Energy Star Certified ductless systems have higher efficiency and they are coming with bigger price tags, but they will help you to save money on your electricity bill.
Another important thing to check when you are looking for a new ductless air conditioner or heat pump is the warranty. Premium and high efficiency products normally come with a better warranty. By choosing a brand like Mitsubishi Electric, have your unit purchased from a qualified Mitsubishi installer, and installed, you can have peace of mind with an extended warranty for 10 years.
Proper Installation
Like all the other HVAC systems, your ductless air conditioner or heat pump must be installed properly by a licensed and insured installer. The performance of your new ductless system highly depends on the right installation.

How to Maintain Your New Ductless Air conditioner?

One of the greatest advantages of ductless systems is ease of maintenance. With proper maintenance you ductless air conditioners or ductless heat pumps work efficiently and can last up to 15 years. There are simple maintenance tasks you can carry out to increase the efficiency and the lifespan of your ductless system. Weekly dusting routine Make sure there is adequate space around the indoor and outdoor units Clean or replace filters Annual system inspection

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