Electrical Safety

HouseDepot can come and inspect your house’s electrical setup for potential safety issues.  We can also tell you what is required to counteract any problems found and, of course, our experienced Master Electricians can make the repairs, changes or upgrades required.  

These inexpensive receptacles could save a great deal of potential trouble whether you have children, have children visit or could potentially have someone who might insert a foreign object into a power receptacle.

If you find yourself plugging power bars or plug splitters into an outlet or running an extension cord across a room to provide power where you need it then it is time to install proper outlets where they are needed.  Not only is this neater and safer, you can also make sure that the breakers in your panel are adequate for the use you put your electrical system through.  

Can’t run your toaster oven and your microwave at the same time?  Do you have to make sure only a single power tool is running in your garage?  You are trying to do too much with a single circuit.  Get HouseDepot to upgrade your power setup and these issues will be a thing of the past.

These simple upgrades can help avert the risk of electric shock and fire.  They are installed in newer houses according to the electrical code but requirements for the AFCI (arc fault circuit interrupter) are very recent and there are still many houses where a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) is needed in various areas where the risk of electrocution is significant due to the presence of water.

Power conditioners help protect your electronics from power surges and line noise.  These things can impact your delicate electronics making them unable to operate properly or even damaging your equipment.