Eliminating Octopus and Extension Cords

If you are plugging power bars into your power bars or you have an extension cord permanently laid out somewhere, it is time to upgrade the electrical service in that area.  These things are meant for temporary use and to have them around all the time is both inconvenient and potentially dangerous.

     First of all, an electrical outlet and the wiring leading to it is designed to support only the number of devices you can plug in without any kind of adaptor.  Some things, like a 5 volt usb charger, draw a sufficiently small amount of power that having several connected to a single outlet is not a matter of great concern but when you begin to group things like kitchen appliances and have, for instance, your microwave, toaster oven and electric kettle on a single circuit, then running them all at the same time may begin to trip the breakers or worse, cause your wiring to overheat.  In that case you really need to install more wiring, outlets, and circuit breakers to make sure you are not overloading your circuits.

Some typical causes of overloading outlets include computer systems and entertainment centres.  There always seems much more to plug in than the available plugs.  By the time you plug in your computer, monitor, printer, network router, external hard drives and your other peripherals, or your tv, cable box, blu-ray player, smart set top box and your sound bar you have used quite a few receptacles.