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One of the most rewarding aspects of working as an electrician is  determining what is actually going on, and making a sound decision on the correct course of action. Successfully troubleshooting a complex piece of equipment gives a technician a tremendous sense of satisfaction. Having an effective troubleshooting plan and following it can help both technician and homeowner obtain this feeling of satisfaction.

This article presents an overview of a simple, but effective, method of investigating an electrical problem. Use this seven-step process when presented with a complex problem:

  • Gather the information
  •  Understand the malfunction
  •  Identify which parameters need to be evaluated
  •  Identify the source of the problem
  •  Correct/repair the component
  •  Verify the repair 
  •  Perform root cause analysis

If you have power out in your entire home or just parts of your home, most of the time the solution is to relax, as it could be a circuit breaker is tripped, or gfi needs resetting or a fuse is blown, or it could even be that Hydro is not providing the right voltage.

Our electricians are trained to find your problem efficiently & safely, and will repair your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our expert electricians deal with these types of problems everyday, and what seems like a Big problem to a homeowner, can be an easy solution for me, a licensed and trained electrician.

Call me now, Mark, at 416 822 9030 and we will have one of our expert electricians come out to your home and give you peace of mind and comfort. A live person will always answer the phone!  We at HouseDepot, have state of the art equipment for troubleshooting and resolving complicated issues in your house

In the above image, we have some breakers heated up, we use proper tools to diagnose the issue
We use state of the art without turning the power off to find out which breaker is feeding a device such as plug, lights, or even a sump pump