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Enbridge Red Tag Clearance

What is Enbridge 'Red Tag' and How to Get Red Tag Clearance?

Having your gas furnace, boiler or water heaters red-tagged can be disturbing, particularly when you need them most in cold winter of Toronto. But no need to be panic, our fully certified and qualified gas technicians can assist you to get your Red Tag Clearance.

What is a 'Red Tag'?

The use of gas fueled appliances such as gas furnace, boilers, and water heaters, are subject to rules in the Technical Standards and Safety Act and its regulation. By law, a ‘Red Tag’ must be issued by gas utility provider such as Enbridge or a Licensed Gas Technician when any gas appliance is in violation of Ontario Gas Installation Code B149. This program is controlled by the TSSA – Technical Standards Safety Authority.

When your appliance has been red tagged, the most important thing to remember is that it’s because it is unsafe for you, your family and even your neighbors.

Types of Red Tag

Depends of the severity of the issue and safety violation, there are two type of Red Tags that a consumer can receive. Type A  or Type B.

Type A

This is the most serious type of warning. Generally, Type A means that your gas appliance is considered to be an immediate hazard for you and your family, it is too dangerous to operate and gas supply to your property has to be shout off immediately to protect your family.

Type B

If your gas appliance or work is in an unacceptable condition but does not present immediate danger to you and your family, a Type B is issued. It means you have a limited time (45 days) to have your gas appliance fixed otherwise the gas supply will be shut off by your local gas utility if the Tag is not cleared by the expiry date.

How to remove furnace, boiler or hot water heater Red Tag?

Only a licensed certified gas technician is allowed to remove a Red Tag by repairing or replacing the gas appliance and taking the corrective actions. If your gas appliance is red tagged, call House Depot Home Services at 416 822 9030 or send us a message. Our fully licensed and qualified gas technicians will assist you to clear the red tag by inspecting your appliance and taking the corrective actions, and we will notify Enbridge and tag will be cleared.

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