ESA Electrical Defects

The ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) inspects new wiring to make sure it is completely up to the current safety code.  Anything that does not conform will be flagged as a defect.  Defects must be corrected before the circuit or sometimes your entire electrical system can be used.

     After the defects are corrected there must be another ESA inspection.  This can be both costly and inconvenient.

     If you have had work done on your wiring then it is a good idea to get it inspected by one of HouseDepot’s Master Electricians who will be intimately familiar with the current electrical safety codes and standards and can advise you on any issues that must be taken care of to bring the work up to code and, if you wish, perform any necessary steps to correct the existing problems.

     It will cost much less to bring in HouseDepot to make a pre-inspection than it will to have to bring an ESA inspector in a second time.

     Also it might be the case that electrical work has been done by someone other than an experienced electrician.  Even if you are not bringing in an ESA inspector you owe it to yourself to have the work checked over by a licensed electrician since the safety of your property and your family depend on your electrical systems to be up to code.