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Whereas a mini split air conditioner consists of one compressor and one air outlet to heat or cool only one room at a time, a multi-split air conditioner system lets you heat or cool multiple rooms at a time. A multi split ac uses a single compressor to power up to five air outlets. Unlike a conventional system that works off one thermostat to control temperatures, a multi-split provides individual control of each room’s temperatures. In addition to having unique temperature regulation, it also provides a money-saving advantage, since you can heat or cool only those rooms you are using versus the entire house. Multi-split AC units are more affordable than the overall cost to install a full HVAC system with ductwork.

If you need a more powerful HVAC system for heating during the colder seasons, some people will choose to install a new furnace unit as well.

Benefits of a Multi Zone Split Air Conditioner

  • Split and multi-split AC systems are flexible and easy to install. They need less labor than traditional systems.
  • Because they are ductless, split and multi split units don’t lose energy the way a central ac system does. Approximately more than 30% of wasted energy in a traditional unit can be attributed to duct loss.
  • Split air conditioner systems are designed with interior compatibility in mind. The air outlet that disperses the air is relatively small and can be easily installed flush against a wall.

Ductless Multi-Split Installation & Replacement services.

Installing a multi-split system isn’t a do-it-yourself project. Careful thought and consideration must be used to determine the correct equipment capacities and to figure out where all of the components should be installed.

Our certified and experienced technicians will be able to help you determine what option suits your needs and then install your ductless system in a way that ensures optimal year-round comfort.

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Ductless Multi-Split Repair services.

House Depot offers professional air conditioning repair services for residential customers in the Greater Toronto Area. You can save money by addressing your AC unit problem early with help of air conditioning repair of House Depot and prevent the frustration of a full system breakdown.

Signs your Ductless Multi-Split AC needs to be repaired

  • Malfunction controls
  • Icy buildup
  • Diminished AC output
  • Water puddles
  • Spiking electric bills
  • Grinding sounds
  • Performance Fluctuations


Have you noticed one of these problems with your air conditioner? House Depot technicians are ready to assist.

Why Call House Depot For Your Ductless Multi-Split Services

When you work with our trusted team, you can be confident that every HVAC repair or installation job is carried out to comply with local codes for your safety and protection. While technology has changed over the years, we still retain the same values and commitment to our customers: to ensure your peace of mind with every service.

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