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Furnace installation, replacement, and repair in Toronto

For more than a decade, we are offering trusted and reliable furnace repair and installation and Red Tag Clearance to the homeowners in Toronto.

Performing efficient HVAC installations and repairs with lasting results is our top priority. We take every precaution and hold ourselves to elite industry standards when performing new furnace installation and furnace repair. When you work with our trusted team, you can be confident that every furnace services is carried out to comply with local codes for your safety and protection.

We know furnace repair emergencies do not necessarily occur at convenient hours, that is why House Depot is available around the clock – even on weekends and holidays. With our 24/7 emergency service available on all HVAC products, you can be confident knowing your heating system will be in working order when it matters most.

Reasons to Install

A new Forced air system

As a trusted local HVAC contractor in Toronto, we are committed to help our client to find the best HVAC unit based on their needs and budget. Forced air furnaces are one of the best heating options which we recommend to our client in Toronto.

Today’s gas furnace models offer excellent heat output, superior comfort, quiet operation, and anywhere from 80% to over 97% efficiency. Some of the benefits of forced air furnaces are:

Higher Efficiency – Forced-air systems, are extremely efficient. They have a high AFUE rating around 78-84%. The higher the AFUE percentage, the more heat the furnace can deliver relative to the amount of fuel consumed.

Better High Indoor Air Quality – You can match an air purification system, air filter or humidifier directly into your furnace system. This a great way to change the air quality of your entire home.

Comfort – Forced air systems warm your home faster than other systems. As soon as you set your thermostat, the system switches on and warm air rushing into your home.

Affordability – Depends on the brand, size and efficiency level of a furnace,  they can have a high price tag for their initial cost, but the furnace repair expenses, maintenance, and replacement costs are a lot lower than other heating systems. Furnaces are also known for being long-lasting, so these benefits further offset the initial cost of installation.

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