Holiday Lighting

Of all our holiday decorations, it is the lights we choose that stand out the most and create a festive mood for family and neighbours. When people passing by just stop and view your home you are sharing the spirit of the holiday with the world.

HouseDepot can install your holiday lighting so that instead of a yearly chore, it is only the flick of a switch.

You probably have a lot to do to prepare for family and friends during the holidays and putting up festive lighting might not be one of your favourite holiday activities. No problem, call HouseDepot to have licensed electricians wire up your holiday lights so that they can be left up all year even when they are not being used and change from being a chore to being a matter of a simple click. Take it easier during this busy time and never worry about lighting again (until your next great decorating ideas bear fruit that is).

Your lighting can be both decorative and functional, there is no reason your yuletide lights cannot do double duty on a warm summer’s evening to let the gang hang out in the yard. Call HouseDepot to get just what you want.

When Choosing the Best Holiday Lights for Your Home

Holiday lights are much more than just a line of bulbs.  They can accentuate both the interior of your house and the surrounding landscape.  There are bubble lights, fiber optics, snowflake and icicle lights, white and multicoloured bulbs, traditional incandescent lights and modern LED lights.  Each type provides a whole different look to your lighting.  HouseDepot can help let you know your options and set up your lights but you provide the vision.  

Bubble Lights

These lights are different, being a glass light inside a bubble filled coloured liquid.  They first appeared back in the 50’s.  They are enjoying an upswell in popularity due to the nostalgic look the give.

Fiber Optic Lights

While used more often in decorations than strings of lights, fiber optics can change colour  giving a colourful and unique look wherever they are used.

LED Lights

Today’s LED lights are an amazing innovation.  They have no glass to crack nor do they generate a great deal of heat which could react badly when it is very cold.  The newer LED lights not only use less electricity than traditional incandescents, the technology has progressed to the point where they can give off very bright light.

Snowflake and Icicle Lights

Snowflake lights look very different from ordinary bulb lights and can give your home a completely different look. These usually come in white or blue colours.   Icicle lights can add extra lighting depth to your eves as they hang down between 15 to 28 cm.  They can come in white, blue or multicoloured.  These two unique types of lights are a great way to beautify your home and add just the right touch to your holiday decorations.

Incandescent Lights

These are your traditional strings of bulbs.  For ease of use you want to make sure that they are parallel wired rather than serial as the serial bulbs shut down the entire string if a single bulb is not working.  Clear, coloured, flashing and patterned are all available.  When one thinks of holiday lights these are usually what come to mind.

Call HouseDepot to install the combination of lighting types to get just the look you want.