Canadians are lucky because they get to experience extreme heat in the summer and extreme cold in the winter. At House Depot we can help you do something about that.  We provide not only electrical services but have the best service in Toronto for HVAC, Heating and Cooling.  If your furnace fails in mid-winter we can have you back warmed up in record time. We install and repair Furnaces, Ductless Systems, Boilers and Hydronics.  When the weather outside is frightful we can  make the inside just delightful.  We are licensed for Electric Furnaces, Natural Gas 

and also Propane furnaces. We also install HEPA, UV and Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers to get the maximum possible air quality for you and your family.With House Depot you can breathe easier if a family member has asthma or allergies. 

We also let you keep your cool in the hottest summer weather.  We install Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps to make your summers more enjoyable.  We can also help keep your air moving when it is hot by installing a ceiling fan.

Last but certainly not least we can help you get financing through Snap Financial since usually HVAC is not part of your regular budget.  We are available for households in Toronto, North York, Markham, Scarborough, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, Vaughn, Stouffville and many other locations in the GTA.  We can also help you get government rebates for changing older systems to new high efficiency and Energy Star products.


If you have a repair to make on your existing furnace or need a new unit, our technicians are experts on all units of furnace by any manufacturer, make and model of any type, gas, electric, propane, wood and oil.  Our technicians are all certified, licensed, experienced experts who also invest a great deal of time in training sessions provided by a large variety of furnace manufacturers.  Winters are cold but we keep our clients snug and warm even in the most extreme conditions.

Air Conditioners

Traditional air conditioners are the central air conditioners where there is an outside unit and an indoor coil which is attached to the furnace fan output ducts to provide cooling of the air.  More and more these are being replaced by single and multi zone ductless air conditioners where the  outdoor unit is actually a heat pump coupled with an indoor unit which cools and circulates the air.  In condominiums where there is no system of ducts to be used, the ductless air conditioner is the only option.  HouseDepot installs and repairs both types of units both in houses and in condominiums which have special considerations for installing systems.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps operate entirely on electricity but unlike traditional electric heating they do not create the heat, instead heat is taken from the outside air or dumped into the outside air to provide the heating and cooling.  Since the majority of the energy actually comes from the outside air they are very efficient and gaining in popularity.  The outdoor heat pump is hooked to one or more indoor units which heat or cool their area as desired.  They have the distinct advantage over ducted systems in that they can be controlled individually allowing each zone to be heated or cooled to the desired temperature.  They have one disadvantage which may give pause to those living in areas with extremes of cold temperature.  They can cool pretty much through all the ranges of hot temperatures but they operate efficiently in heating when the outside temperature is at -20 degrees Celcius or above.  There has to be an electrical heat source as a backup just in case the temperature drops this much.  HouseDepot not only has HVAC technicians but also Master Electricians to be able to install or repair any component of a heat pump based system.


Hydronic systems, where a boiler is used to supply heat and the heat transported by water moving through the house are rather less common.  They are generally only installed when a house is built where things like radiant floor heating can be installed more easily.  There are also combi boiler systems where the boiler supplies both heat and hot water for the house.  HouseDepot is up to the demands of these type of systems and can install or repair any type of boiler or hydronic heating system.