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Maintaining ideal relative humidity throughout the home results in perfect comfort at lower thermostat settings, cutting costs and reducing wear and tear on heating equipment, while significantly improving the health of the home.  The typical humidity for most homes is between 30% and 50%. It is best to have your house assessed before choosing between the two.

There are actually a lot of different symptoms that you may encounter which can indicate that there is excessive or insufficient humidity in your living space. You just have to learn to recognize these symptoms for what they are.

If you are unsure whether your home’s humidity levels are too high or too low, there are some obvious signs that may help you decide.

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Signs Your Home Needs a Dehumidifier

  • Mold and mildew buildup in your home. This may occur anywhere in the home but often starts in windows or bathrooms.
  • The air in your home constantly feels damp.
  • Your home smells damp or like mildew.
  • Your home feels uncomfortable, especially in the summer months. Your skin may feel clammy and it may be hard to breathe.
  • Those living in your home are suffering constantly from upper respiratory infections, colds, or the flu.
  • Your home feels warmer in summer and cooler in winter, even though you are constantly adjusting the thermostat.
  • Wood in your home may feel damp and may be starting to grow mold or mildew or may be suffering from rot.

Signs that you may need a whole-house humidifier:

  • Your skin is dried out and cracking.
  • Wooden floorboards or pieces of furniture in your home are splitting.
  • You’re experiencing more frequent static shocks.
  • You get frequent sore throats or bloody noses.
  • Your wallpaper is cracked or the paint is chipping away.

Why choose a whole-house System?

Chances are that you’ve seen portable humidifiers and/or dehumidifiers at some point. These devices can be helpful for optimizing humidity in small spaces. When you are dealing with persistent humidity issues throughout the entire home, they are far from ideal. A whole-house option is going to be the best humidifier or dehumidifier in that case.

Whole-house humidifiers and dehumidifiers are incredibly convenient, effective, and efficient. You are not going to be constantly refilling a reservoir, nor are you going to be dumping out a collection bucket over and over again. These devices integrate into your existing HVAC system and can be run independently of it as needed.

Why Call House Depot For Whole-House humidity Control?

While not the most complex piece of equipment in any given home comfort system, the dehumidifier and/or humidifier is something that still must be professionally installed.

If you would like to balance out the humidity levels in your home, we can help. The team at House Depot can install a whole-house dehumidifier and/or humidifier which will immediately go to work adjusting the moisture levels in your home.

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