Electrical Installations

The standards of 60 Amp service and even 100 Amp service is no longer adequate to meet the needs of a modern household.  For instance, charging stations for electric vehicles need a 200 Amp service to operate properly.  You want to be able to operate your appliances simultaneously at times without exceeding your home’s electrical capacity which, if that happens, could damage your sensitive electronics.

Whether it is new outlets or lighting fixtures, 240 Volt receptacles or circuit upgrades, we can install them and guarantee they will be up to code and pass ESA inspection.  HouseDepot can quickly and easily take care of any of your needs.

Electric Vehicle chargers require that the service in your house be 200 Amps.  If you have an older house your service may not be adequate.  We can upgrade your service and your panel to provide you with the power needed to charge electric vehicles.  If your house has the correct service already then putting in an electric vehicle charging station is no more difficult than setting up any other high demand circuit such as 240 volt outlets for power tools in your garage.

Installing a ceiling fan can be a difficult job.  Ceiling fans can be heavy and awkward to handle making the installation tricky and time consuming.  Call HouseDepot to handle this task for you

if you have mission critical systems which cannot be allowed to go down or live in an area with frequent power outages then a backup generator is a viable solution.  Lights, servers and alarm systems can all be powered on.  Generators are hooked up with natural gas so that they do not have to be manually refuelled and are always ready to run when needed.

Whether it is standard wired CO and Smoke Detectors or the duct interlock detectors which shut off the furnace in case of emergency HouseDepot can get them installed and working so your family’s safety can be assured.

Duct Smoke Detectors, called Interlocks, provide safety features not found in ordinary smoke or carbon monoxide detectors.  In case of a problem they both shut off the furnace and block off the duct helping prevent any problems from spreading.

Whether Electric Heat is your primary or backup heating source, it takes a lot of electricity to heat a house.  The power circuits for your heaters could easily get overwhelmed by the current if they are not installed absolutely correctly.  HouseDepot provides HVAC as well as Electrical services so we know how to properly connect your heaters.