Landscape Lighting

No matter what your garden looks like, large or small, elevated or not, etc. the exterior of your house and your garden can benefit aesthetically from well placed landscape lighting.  HouseDepot can design a landscape lighting plan according to your vision of how you want things to be and can install or repair any type pf landscape lighting.  Landscape lighting adds both beauty and security as well as the convenience of motion detector controlled lights so no more fumbling in the dark for your keys.

Bring your vision to life.  HouseDepot has fantastic electricians all overseen by licensed Master Electricians and can create the lighted space for you that you truly desire.  HouseDepot has fantastic customer service and your dealing with us will be enjoyable and productive.

Why you should install landscape lighting from HouseDepot?

Set the Mood and Entertain your guests

Landscape lighting can be used to create just the right atmosphere for entertaining your guests.

You can light up outdoor kitchens, pools, spas, patios, decks and recreational spaces like a horseshoe pit or secluded alcove and keep the festivities going after sundown.  Set the tone with landscape lighting and give your guests a great experience. 

Add Value To Your Home

Look down your block at night.  What houses are eye catching then?  It will be those houses with exterior and landscape lighting.  Make your house stand out.  Installed landscape lighting can add value to your home, make your yard space appear larger, highlight certain features such as a distinctive tree or an architectural feature. Outdoor lighting adds serenity, security and beauty to your property.


Floodlights equipped with motion sensors can save electricity and add security at the same time.  Illuminate your paths and entrance with automatic lighting.   The floodlights only turn on when you need them and don’t end up  running all night long.


Accent your home’s architecture and show off its charms by highlighting special features of your landscape such as trees, flowerbeds, fountains and flagstone paths at any time of day.  We can provide a plan to make your illumination vision come to life. 


Good lighting can prevent people trying to lurk around your house or gain illegal entry.  A well lit house will not eliminate this in all circumstances but it reduces the chances of such things happening.  


It is easy to trip over things when you are walking through a dark yard.  Help avoid accidents with sufficient light to always show you your way.Avoid any accidents with a well-lit yard or garden so that you have safe passage through pathways and stairs or any other potentially hazardous areas within your yard.

No home is complete without landscape lighting by HouseDepot.  Add to the value, security and beauty of your home with a well chosen display of landscape lighting.  Call HouseDepot today at (416)-822-9030

How to Use Various Types of Landscape Lighting

HouseDepot knows Landscape Lighting.  The following brief description of various types of landscape lights and their uses will allow you to bring your vision to life.  Alternatively, we can design a landscape lighting plan for you and bring your outdoors alive when the sun goes down.

We’ll walk you through an overview of the types of landscape lighting you’ll find and what effect each of them is supposed to have. We’ll help you understand what to light in your yard, the various types of landscape lighting and uses of landscape lighting.

Too little light is gloomy but too much light will wash your yard out and even make it appear smaller.  In landscape lighting you don’t try to light everything but instead to create a space full of both light and shadow to take advantage of the romance of nighttime.

With correct lighting you will be  highlighting features that you may not notice during the day and creating light and shadow contrast using the shapes, textures and plants in your yard. Landscape lighting can make you enjoy the use of your yard after dark.

Where to Place Your Landscape Lighting

You don’t want to place lights so that everything is brightly lit, instead use light and shadow to add mystery, romance and atmosphere to your outdoor areas.  Look at the features in your yard you like the best.  It could be a pond, a stately old growth evergreen or a small alcove filled with statuary—highlighting those with  the right light will show them off.  You can redefine areas that may not get attention in the daylight hours.  In the interplay of light and shadow, a simple stone wall can become extraordinary. There are areas like stairways and pathways where the function of lighting is the main consideration to keep you safe and making sure your path is clear.  Finally, a well lit entrance is warm and inviting to family members and friends and discouraging to those you do not wish to be there.  


Except for the pathways which are lit with decorative styled lights, the goal of the landscape lighting is to see the light, not the light fixture, good landscape lighting is designed to be unobtrusive and unseen, you should only see the light. 

Types of Landscape Lighting

When you have decided what to light you have to decide between various lighting types and styles which can give you a range of effects.  

Path Lights

This is the most common type of landscape lighting.  Path lighting normally uses small poles topped with a diffused light so that the light itself does not obscure the area being lit.  Pathway lighting is generally used anywhere one would like to outline an area, from a meandering path to a pond or driveway, these lights are a staple of landscape lighting.  The temptation may be to use too many lights and shed more light than the area really needs.  Too bright a light makes the space look cramped.  You can place lights alternately around each edge of the pathway  A dim but consistent lighting effect is best, you are trying to establish people’s footing on the path not brightly illuminate the path itself.   

Use with: Path Lights, Bollards

How to Light your Landscape

It can seem a little overwhelming since there are many types of lights and your landscape offers many spots to place them.  The simplest way to start is using a dimmable high output flashlight, carrying it around your yard at night and placing it in different spots and with different light levels to see what your lighting could look like.  Play with your light so you can see what works for you, HouseDepot can then install all your lights to your exact specifications. 

Here is a list of lighting effects you can experiment with and add to your design palette:


When the bright sun shines on things you tend to get a flat image.  Silhouetting takes something with an unusual distinct shape and places the light behind the object from the viewer’s point of view emphasising the shape of the object for the viewer, making sure the light source is not to be seen.

Use with: Spotlights, Well Lights


Lights are placed in the opposite manner of silhouetting.  The light is placed between the viewer and the object to be lit.  This is an effect dependant on the surface behind the object, it must be flat enough for the shadow of the object to be readily seen.

Use with: Spotlights, Well Lights, Flood lights


Grazing is designed to emphasise texture in a flat surface so it works best with a slightly uneven or irregularly patterned surface such as a stone wall.  The lights are put close to the surface to be grazed and aimed up or down depending on where the lights are put, to best effect the grazing of lights should be all up or all down for consistency.  

Use with: Well Lights, Hardscape Lights

Up Lighting

This is one of the basic staples of landscape lighting.  It is used with trees or taller structures.  Lights are placed at the base of the tree aiming the light up to emphasise the trunk or bottom of the canopy of leaves.

Use with: Spotlights, Well Lights

Moonlight Effect

This can be used when you have larger trees with relatively open branches to show off.  The light is placed high in the tree aiming downward to give a full moon effect washing the branches and the ground beneath with a pale light.  

Use with: Spotlights, Floodlights


If you have a very tall full evergreen tree to be lit, you can use a two phasedeffect.  In the middle height of the tree place two Spotlights, one aiming up for an Uplighting effect and one aiming down for a Moonlighting effect.  The year round foliage of the evergreen will effectively hide the light fixtures and the dramatic combination of lighting your tree will take your breath away.  


An effect of contrasted light and shadow created by light falling unevenly or from a particular direction on something.  You shouldn’t see the light source and the light should result in an unusual partial illumination of your subject.  It is used in art for dramatic effect.

Light Wash

If you wish more light in a certain area, use wide beamed floodlights aimed at a wall or row of hedges or other large flat surface.  The backwash of light will gently and fully light the area in front of where your light is being aimed.  This is a gentler, more holistic and natural effect than aiming lights directly into the space which does not look as pleasing to the eye as a light washed area.
Use with: Flood Lights

That is all you need to know to start planning your lighting.  Make sure you get a licensed professional electrician to inspect all wiring and circuits, install wiring if needed,  check that any wired lighting has GFCI built in and that your breakers will not be overloaded and that the outdoor wires are correctly water resistant and up to code.

So what next?  You should have fun.  Take out a few bright flashlights.  Go round your yard and try different lighting effects in different places.  Pick the best of the best.  Call Mark at HouseDepot (416)-822-9030

Give your landscape the showcase look that comes with lighting.  It can be done any possible way you desire, either just like the neighbours or a totally unique space that reflects your taste and welcomes nighttime guests to your house.