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Mitsubishi Heat Pumps: The Ultimate Solution for Year-Round Comfort

Looking for a year-round comfort solution? Mitsubishi Heat Pumps are the ultimate solution to keep your home comfortable throughout the year

Mitsubishi Heat Pumps

Total Home Comfort: Mitsubishi Electric Ductless and Ducted Heat Pump Systems

Mitsubishi is a well-known and respected brand in the HVAC industry, with a reputation for innovation and quality, not only in the Canadian market, but also throughout the world.

Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc. was founded in 1979 and offers a wide array of products for both commercial and residential buildings, including heating and cooling systems, energy recovery systems, and ventilation units.

Mitsubishi Electric Canada has a wide range of heat pumps available, using technologies like VCSi, VRF and H2iTM to guarantee optimal efficiency and comfort even in the harshest of Canadian weather conditions.

Our Mitsubishi Electric qualified technicians are here to help you choose the best heat pump to efficiently heat and cool your home. Whether you need a ductless or ducted system, there is a great Mitsubishi Heat Pump solution for your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Mitsubishi Heat Pump

Air Conditioners

(Cooling Only)

M-Series Single Split Ductless Wall Mounted Units. A, GL and D Series with Cooling Capacity Up to 36,000 BTU/h

Standard Heat Pumps

(Heating & Cooling)

Available in single split and multi split up to 8 zones, ducted and ductless heat pump systems, heating down to -20°C/-4°F

Hyper Heat Heat Pumps

(Cold Climate Heating & Cooling)

Mitsubishi H2iTM Heat Pumps available in single-zone, multi-zone and centrally ducted systems, heating down to -30°C/-22°F.

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Nagisetty Giridhar
Nagisetty Giridhar
Read More
Mark has helped us to fix the furnace heat issue and thermostat installation. He is very professional and has provided valuable advices during our chat, tips to maintain to improve the furnace performance and had helped us to get the thermostat from his contacts for a reasonable price. He is very friendly and passionate in helping his clients. I highly recommend his services.
Jonathan Tan
Jonathan Tan
Read More
Mark was great. He was able to come the same day and fixed the furnace very quickly. Our house temperature went down to about 15°C last night, so my wife and kids really thank you. 🙂
Patricia Alexander
Patricia Alexander
Read More
We are very pleased with the work that Mark and his assistant did in installing a new gas furnace, heat pump and air conditioning system. It was a big job and was accomplished in a timely fashion.
Stefan Leszek
Stefan Leszek
Read More
Struggled to find anyone on a weekend but Mark was able to come within a few hours. Figured out the issue quickly and fixed as soon as he had the part. Checked in afterwards to ensure everything was working. Great job.
Viraj Sathaye
Viraj Sathaye
Read More
Mark was very knowledgeable and thorough with his work. Good quality and value for money. Would definitely recommend

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How They Work?

A zoned air conditioning and heating system consists of three main parts: an outdoor unit, an indoor unit, and smart comfort controls. This system works by transferring heat from the outdoor unit to the indoor units, through pipes filled with a refrigerant, which has the ability to absorb heat.

In cooling mode, the refrigerant removes the heat from the inside of the house and transports it to the outdoor unit, where it is released. As a result of this process, the air inside the home becomes cooler.

When in heating mode, the refrigerant extracts heat from the external environment and transfers it from outdoor units to indoor units in order to provide warmth. This method of heat transfer is powered by electricity. It is capable of operating in extremely cold temperatures, and is significantly more eco-friendly than traditional methods of heating systems, rely on combusting non-renewable resources.

The outdoor unit is equipped with an INVERTER. This enables it to quickly adjust the amount of power it uses. It also allows it to adjust the amount of refrigerant it transfers to and from the indoor units. The INVERTER technology allows the outdoor unit to use the correct amount of energy to reach the desired temperature in all areas.

Types of Mitsubishi Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi Electric heat pump systems are available in ductless single-zone and multi-zone and centrally ducted versions.

Single-Zone Ductless Mini-Split Solutions: A single zone mini split system is ideal if you only need cooling and heating in a single space. It consists of one outdoor unit which is connected to one indoor unit using a refrigeration line. Mitsubishi single-zone ductless mini-split are available in Air Conditioners (cooling only), standard heat pumps and cold climate heat pumps designed specifically to operate in cold winters of Canada.

Multi-Zone Ductless Solutions: If you need ductless heating and cooling for multiple areas, multi-zone equipment is an ideal choice, as one outdoor unit can be connected to as many as eight indoor units. Each zone has its own indoor unit to provide heating and cooling. These indoor units are available in various types, including wall-mounted, floor-mounted, and ceiling cassette.

Ducted Air Handler Systems: Mitsubishi Electric also offers heating and cooling solutions that can be used in ducted systems. If you need an energy efficient system to use new or existing duct work to provide comfort across an entire home or in multiple areas, Mitsubishi Electric ducted air handlers are one of the most efficient solutions available in the market.

Mitsubishi Electric Cold Climate Heat Pumps (Zuba)

The Zuba family of cold climate heat pumps (ccASHP) by Mitsubishi Electric are designed to operate in harsh winters of Canada and feature advanced and patented H2iTM Hyper-Heat technology for superior efficiency.

Zuba heat pumps are designed to provide Canadian homes with reliable heating and cooling throughout the year. Zuba is able to provide excellent heating even in extremely cold temperatures, with its full heating capabilities still working at -15°C and continuing to function in temperatures as low as -30°C and colder. 


Variable Compressor Speed Inverted (VSCI) is Mitsubishi’s innovative INVERTER-driven compressor technology enables you to maintain a consistent temperature in your environment while conserving energy in both winter and summer.

The compressor’s speed is adjusted to provide maximum efficiency, adjusting to the temperature requirements of the space. The system alters the speed of the compressor to use less power and lower energy costs, unlike traditional systems which cycle on and off, leading to energy waste.

HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) is a measure that evaluates the overall performance of a heat pump during a heating season while COP (Coefficient of Performance) identifies its efficiency at certain temperatures. Higher HSPF and COP ratings mean more energy savings and Mitsubishi heat pumps provide the best ratings for comfort and warmth during winter.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) calculates the performance of an air conditioning system over the course of a cooling season, while EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) measures how well a cooling system performs when the outside temperature is at a particular point (35°C). A greater number indicates a more efficient system. All Mitsubishi heat pumps deliver a high efficiency rating when it comes to both SEER and EER.

Our team at House Depot Home Services will provide you with a more accurate estimate of the installation time after evaluating your specific needs during a consultation.

Furthermore, heat pumps are a greener way of heating and cooling your home because they aren’t burning fuel to generate heat. You can also benefit from federal rebates when purchasing and installing a heat pump system.

They are generally safer to operate because they don’t burn fuel and produce fire, smoke and toxic gasses.

The indoor units of Mitsubishi Electric not only provide the ideal temperature for each room in the house, but they also offer continuous purification of the air, removing allergens, dust, viruses, and bacteria. These systems come with individual filters for each room, which are more effective than the single filter found in the central unit of regular systems. The filters are also washable and can last up to a decade, which enables you to save money on maintenance.

The cost of installing a new air conditioning system varies depending on the type of system, the size of your home, and other factors.

The 3D i-see Sensor, found in the MSZ-FH, MSZ-FS and SLZ-KF models, can detect the exact location of you and your family in a room with its 752 zones, based on individual body temperatures. and direct the right amount of warm or cool air flow to match your ideal comfort level. Its accuracy is even able to tell the difference between people and pets!

Mitsubishi Electric offers some of the most tranquil heating and air conditioning systems available on the market. Enjoy the peace and serenity of space with indoor units that make only a minimal sound of 20 dB (A) – comparable to the sound of a quiet whisper.

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