Protecting Your Electronics

What Can Go Wrong

Modern Electronic Systems are correspondingly delicate.  Power Surges and Shortfalls, Voltage Spikes and Brownout conditions as well as the unplanned outage of power can all result in damage to your delicate electronic devices.  HouseDepot has all your protection needs well in hand.  Call Mark at (416)-822-9030


Your computer is extremely susceptible to sudden power outages.  These can result in hard disk and filesystem corruption, the same issue appears with Flash Drives.  Additionally brownouts and voltage spikes or “dirty” power can all cause damage to the system that could appear anywhere.  Here, the best solution is the humble UPS, a battery backup containing a surge protector and possibly noise filter that, at the very least, allows a computer to be properly shut down when a power outage occurs, greatly reducing the risk of system corruption.  

Entertainment Centres

Most people don’t think about it but a big screen TV requires a great deal of power.  You want to put it on a breaker by itself if possible.  Here a surge protector, or alternately, a whole house surge protector is the way to go.    You can also filter out “noise” in a “dirty” power input to keep your home entertainment centre operating under ideal conditions to maximize the life of your equipment.

Modern Kitchen Appliances

Microwave, Stove, Oven, Toaster Oven and Refrigerator all use significant amounts of power and you still need to power your lights and exhaust fans for instance.  You also have the added danger of using electricity around water so that you need GFCI’s installed wherever possible as well as have the right breakers and the right wiring to deliver all of the power needed to run a modern kitchen.  Once this is done, you still need to make sure your power is being supplied smoothly.