Providing Power

No Power Where You Need It

You can tell you are in this situation when you have had to permanently lay out extension cords or have power cords cutting across the room.  Both situations leave you with power cables out in the open where they are susceptible to damage with the additional danger they can be tripped over by people walking over them.  Let HouseDepot’s Master electricians install outlets right where they will be used to prevent such problems from happening.

Not Enough Receptacles

Have Power bars running out of other power bars, does the dreaded octopus rear its ugly head?  Two main areas where this happens to just about everyone is the entertainment centre octopus and the computer system octopus.  Your entertainment centre likely has a TV, Blu-Ray Player, Cable TV Box, Speakers or Sound Bar and possibly a smart TV Box and Video Game Station.  That’s a requirement for 6 things to plug in which means a typical two outlet receptacle just won’t do if you need to do things right.  You have your Computer, Monitor, Printer, Speakers, USB Charger, External Hard Drives, and WiFi Router.  That’s seven power hungry items, all sensitive electronics which should each be plugged into an outlet as the sole device using it.  HouseDepot can create an attractive plug bank using decorator receptacles and install enough outlets to account for everything already in place and future growth.  Call Mark at (416)-633-2222

Not Enough Power

The two main areas where this can easily start to happen is the Kitchen and the Garage.  If you have a device which uses 15 Amps and one that uses 10 Amps plugged into a receptacle on a 20 Amp Breaker you will find the breaker tripping when both devices simultaneously use full power.  You might find running your Toaster Oven and your Microwave out of the same outlet continually trips the breaker so you end up having to make sure you never turn them both on at once.  You might be running your Electric Lawn Mower or Snow Plow out of your garage while working with power intense power tools at the same time will result in tripping your breakers.  The solution is the right wiring, service and circuit breakers.  You can contact Mark at (416)-822-9030 or email to arrange to make your power problems vanish because HouseDepot can make your wiring infrastructure able to support all your needs.