House Depot Services

House Depot provides both electrical and HVAC(Heating, cooling, ventilation, and air cleaning/conditioning), which include, but are not limited to:

1. Service upgrade from 60 A to either 100A or 200A

2.Service/ Panel upgrade from cartridge fused to state of the art breakers with surge protectors to protect sensitive electrical equipment

3. Upgrade existing 60A cartridge fuses to 60 A modern breakers in high rises, condominiums(condos)

4. Changing Aluminium wiring , whole new house wiring, custom houses, kitchen remodelling, potlight wiring.

5. Hvac wiring such as AC , furnaces, boilers, and all sort of controllers

6.Potlight Wiring /installations, and chandelier installations

7.Electrical safety check to have peace of mind about the safety of existing wires and devices in your house

8. Carbon monoxide/  smoke detectors, to make sure they are wired and interlocked to be safe, as well as checking whether they can distinguish the existence of carbon monoxide or smoke

9. Wired fire dampers for apartments in a house to stop the heating system, once there is smoke in one apartment

10. Emergency power installation due to outages of power by Hydro, sometimes due to storms(wind or snow).
HouseDepot takes care of both the gas supply to the unit and the electrical interface to the main supply panel.

11. Knob and tube wiring, which nowadays is a must to have a safe place in terms of fire hazard, replace brittle old electrical wires which can cause fires in your house

12. You need electrical maintenance in your house or commercial locations to make sure your electrical systems are working properly. Sometimes the plugs or switches or other electrical devices break.

I believe we have the best troubleshooting personnel and tools to diagnose the electrical issues in your house