Pool and Spa Wiring

Spa Wiring, for both gas and electrically heated spas

HouseDepot install both a)Electrically heated and b)gas heated supply. 
a)The Electric heated supply requires, 50A, 240V dedicated lines from the panel to the electrcially heated spa location. The supply wires should be gfi protected for safety. The price varies depending on the accessibility of main panel. The electrical installation cost is from $1500, and requires ESA inspection.
b)spa heated by natural gas, the initial cost is more than the electrically heated spa, as it needs both electrical wire(15A, is usually sufficient), gas piping(most probably needs underground gas piping), and a gas boiler to heat the water. This system is very similar to swimming pool heating.

A simple demonstration for spa/pool wiring(HouseDepot)
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Pool Wiring


Both your pool and your spa can be unsafe if not properly wired.  The non-electrified metal parts have to be bonded so that they can have uniform electric potential and the circuits must all have GFCI’s to shut off power in case of a problem.  HouseDepot can wire your pool or spa so that it is up to code and ensure that you have safe operation.

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