Lighting Switches, Controls, Dimmers and Timers

If simply turning a light on or off no longer excites you, there are many different ways to control the lights around you.  3 way switches allow lights to be turned on and off from two different places like at the top and bottom of stairs.  Photoelectric cells can switch on lights when it gets dark, especially useful for things like night lights and outdoor lighting which you may want on for the full period of darkness.  Motion detectors can sense the movement of anything as big or bigger than a small child.  It is a great feature for security to have your outside lights come on when there is activity around them, and by hooking up the light over your entrance you don’t have to fumble for your keys in the dark.  It can also be good in your entry hall so that coming in the door turns on the hall light.  Timers can be used both to have outside lights turning on to provide illumination for the hours of the evening that the family may be awake or on inside lights to give the appearance of occupancy even when no one is home.    Dimmers can be used anywhere you may want variable levels of lighting such as in the dining room to set the atmosphere for a family dinner or a romantic evening for two.  Even more control can be obtained through WiFi based controls for lights possibly coupled with Smart Home technology and anything you might ever have imagined you can do with lights will be able to be done with just a few clicks.  HouseDepot has electricians who can do anything with light and controllers you could ever possibly want.  Call Mark at (416)-822-9030