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We are fully qualified and licensed to install, repair, and replace all brands of gas-fired and electric water heater systems, whether it is tankless water heater or tank-based water heater.

If you looking to buy a new water heater, our water heater experts in House Depot are always ready to help you determine what type and size of water heater best suits your needs and budget. 

After you decided about your new water heater, our fully qualified and certified installers will install your new water heater according to local codes and manufacturer instruction.

We provide flexible financing options that will help you better manage your budget, and get the right water heater you need.

Take advantage of our expertise to figure out which water heater is best for you and your entire family. Get in touch with our qualified consultants today.


Water Heaters

Tank-type Water Heaters – is the most popular type of water heaters. This type of water heater features a tank that holds water to be heated. This means that the capacity if the tank determines how much hot water you have available at once. The water in the tank remains warm until it is needed. Storage tank water heaters are the most common type of water heaters among family homes. The storage tank water heaters are typically the most affordable style and easy to install.
Tank-type water heater installation and repair Toronto
Tankless Water Heaters – also called demand-type water heaters. They have no tank or sometimes a small buffer tank. Tankless water heaters are incredibly energy efficient because they only heat water when you need it instead of holding heated water all time even when it is not being used. Proper sizing is essential for tankless water heaters to provide an adequate supply of hot water without running out.
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