Wiring Upgrades

Reduce your risk of electric shocks, breakers tripping, fuses blowing, and house fires with upgraded wiring from HouseDepot.

After installation there is not normally any further inspection of your electrical wiring, the wiring in your home may need an update, especially if your home is more than 40 years old.

Like life itself, the wiring standards and needs have changed over time.  New wiring serves more purpose than safety.  As more power is needed your home may lack the functionality to meet your needs.  Not only electrical wiring, but telephone lines, network cables, television cable and other new high tech demands have changed the way a home is wired.

Signs Your Home Wiring Needs an Upgrade

Older Wiring

In the 60’s and 70’s Aluminium wiring was used, this created problems such as flickering lights and switches heating excessively.  This was solved later when it was realized that better connectors had to be put in place but without them aluminium wiring could be a hazard.  In the 40’s and 50’s they sometimes used non-metallic wiring which created problems.  In pre-1930s homes knob and tube wiring was used which is extremely hazardous and must be replaced.  In addition, loose and frayed wires which result from wear and tear over time can also impact the safety of a house.

Ungrounded Outlets, Two Pronged

Serious electric shocks can result from these outdated type of outlets, they can discharge electricity into your delicate electronics or into you.  Even with a surge protector excess electricity has no place to go so it will go to ground through your electronics or through you.  These outlets are outdated and entirely unsafe and should be changed immediately.

Missing GFCIs

These receptacles are designed to protect you in areas with high moisture and cut off the flow of current immediately if the power directed through them goes directly to ground.  You can identify them because they have “TEST” and “RESET” buttons.  They are required in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, utility rooms, spa and pool areas, unfinished crawlspaces, garages and on the exterior of the house.  Imagine dropping your blow dryer in the bathtub while bathing, without the GFCI outlets that could really ruin your day.  It is a quick and easy job to install them, they are not expensive and they could very well save your life.

Missing AFCIs

In the event that there is arcing in an electrical circuit, the AFCI’s will shut off the power rather than allow a potentially dangerous arcing of electricity to happen.  The arcs can very easily start fires.  They are beneficial to install in areas like bedrooms and it would not even be a bad idea to have them installed on all the circuits in your house.

Insufficient Power

60 Amps used to be enough power to run a household.  Not any more.  Even 100 Amps is getting to be a little spare as modern electric vehicle chargers require that you have a 200 Amp service.  Running your flat screen TV, air conditioner and refrigerator and dryer simultaneously will overtax an old  60 Amp system and when that happens your appliances could well be damaged beyond repair.  If you get brownouts, or find yourself unable to run your stove and microwave at the same time you definitely need an upgrade.

HouseDepot can perform a wiring inspection, advise you on the best course of action, and make all the upgrades you need to be safe and able to run your devices without worrying.  It is important, especially in older houses that you make sure your wiring is up to the job you put it through, your family’s safety depends on it not to mention the safety of your valuable property.